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"Dixon Valve"

Product Description

The "Dixon Valve" is a device that is used to facilitate the bottom loading of slurries in upholes. The design of the valve is simple, easy to use and is cost effective to manufacture. The specifications have been designed to accommodate diameter variances of designated blast hole sizes due to - 1) drill bit wear 2) rock structure 3) wandering drill bits 4) and other variables.

The Benefits

  • The Dixon Valve can be removed from the blast hole at any time if necessary.
  • The lock-up of the Dixon Valve in location can be proven before product is pumped.
  • Bottom priming can be carried out.
  • Product Status

    Prototypes have been successfully tested in the field. Manufacturing of this product is expected to commence shortly.


    "Blast Hole Dewatering System"

    Product Description

    The Blast Hole Dewatering System is designed to remove perch water from blast holes prior to charging.

    Product Status

    This product is currently being field tested.