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In most mining applications the removal of rock usually involves blasting. A mining engineer is faced with maximising blast efficiency and minimising costs. These conflicting requirements can be achieved with the use of StemTite Blast Control Plugs.

StemTite Plugs are placed in the stemming zone of the blast hole. The StemTite Plug increases the containment of the explosive gases in the blast hole. The resultant increase in explosive energy is transmitted to the rock mass, and is utilised to fragment the rock rather than venting through the blast hole collar. In addition to maximising blast efficiency and improving blasting safety, it is possible to extend the safe use of explosives into areas which would otherwise be marginal.


Major Benefits

  • Eliminating the venting of explosive gases reduces noise by 8 to 25 dB. Air blast and dust is also greatly decreased, and fly rock is reduced or even eliminated.
  • Improved energy containment permits a higher explosive column, reducing the required stemming height by up to 35% over conventional practices. Oversize in the top section of a blast is drastically reduced as a result.

    Muck Pile

    A higher face velocity is acheived with the use of StemTite plugs on the left. This produces significantly better fragmentation and improved heave, resulting in a lower muck pile.