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In most mining applications the removal of rock usually involves blasting. A mining engineer is faced with maximising blast efficiency and minimising costs. These conflicting requirements can best be achieved with the use of StemTite Blast Control Plugs.

StemTite Plugs are placed in the stemming zone of the blast hole, to increase the containment of the explosive gases. The resultant increase in explosive energy is transmitted to the rock mass, and is utilised to fragment the rock more effectively.

Uncontaminated Ore Hauled On
To The R.O.M. With No Oversize
Rock Evident After Blasting With




Major Benefits

  • Improvements in fragmentation of more than 20% are frequently achieved when StemTite plugs are utilised with no increase in explosives.
  • Full utilisation of explosive energy usually permits hole patterns to be expanded, and/or the use of larger diameter holes.
    Truck Hauling Good Fragmented
    Rock From The Pit Floor After
    Blasting With StemTite